Blog is back, back again!

Sup, the Marty blog is back and has moved to its new home on The Smokin Prophets website! (Pause for cheer).

As you might have noticed I have used my superior website building knowledge to make a few changes. (Pause for laughter). Well I think it looks a bit better.

We have been busy little bees recently, starting to sort out what comes after the release of our debut album and trying to make a huge leap in the right direction. Well all I can say at the moment is the leap looks like it will be happening!! Some of you may have seen us up in London in May where we done did some recording and played a show in the evening. We managed to film a lot of it and with any luck you will see the outcome before long.

For now though you can watch a couple live tracks from the gig on that fateful day….

Other than that I have been writing lots and checking out some new bands such as Palaye Royale and of course still obsessed with Biters and The Struts. I have also started working on the bands social media again, this time I will become social media king!

Don’t want to cram everything into this first blog so stay in touch to find out about what’s going on. Please comment on stuff, message us, share our stuff. I am here ready and waiting to connect with you all. The only way we will grow as a band is by you guys sharing about us and our music, and we are grateful to those who have already been doing it for the best part of the last 3 years.

Talk soon