Still Dreaming

Ok so given the fact things feel like they are heading in the right direction with the band, I have now taken to dreaming about record deals. Last night I was signing a single album deal and everyone was loosing their shit about how big this was. I was writing the best songs I ever had. Think I had quit work because everyone needed to get the songs out of my head. Needless to say this morning I work up by my alarm at 7am instantly thought I was on my way to rockstardom, lent over and went to pick the Gretsch up and start writing when it dawned on me I needed to get ready for my 9-5 job and that nothing had actually changed yet.

Taking the positives I must feel like I can do it again at the moment and last night after the football I had a quick writing session with Jayke. Just rewriting some parts to songs we have not played live before or only played live a few times. All the music as usual cross over many genres however I think I can see where its all heading musically and lyrically now. I have also been messing around with some art ideas as I like everything to fit together like one big package. We are months away from even properly starting something new and we still need to push the current album a lot yet. Its just nice to keep going and planning. I think musicians need to just keep writing and playing new stuff, otherwise you will risk getting bored of playing the same stuff. Some of the tracks on Deceived Diseased we have been playing since the early Trash days and that’s heading towards 5 years ago!

Oh yer we also confirmed a date in Oxford for 19th August, so add that one to your diaries. We have a show or 2 booked for every month till the end of 2017 and this year we are playing all over the place from Devon to Ramsgate up to Hatfield. So the south coast is getting a real kick in from us.

Now I best get off to that 9-5 job and start day dreaming I suppose.