Legoland, Goodwood and a change of direction

Its been a busy busy week! I had my birthday last Thursday which was great. I decided to be a child and go to LEGOLAND with Britoni, Al and Jayke. Its was wet in more ways than one. I swear that place is just a water park and the rain didn’t help! I also had to stop myself from buying insane amounts of lego. It brought back a lot of memories f mine Dad and Als weekends at the flat which was cool. Then we had Lynda’s birthday with a bit of shopping and Sunday we went to Goodwood which was Lynda’s bday present from me and Britoni.

Goodwood was awesome, first time I have ever been. There’s so many different vehicle there, something for everyone. Highlights were seeing Nico Rosberg going up the hill climb in an F1 car. Seeing Jenson Buttons championship winning Braun car and Keano Reeves riding one of his custom designed bikes. Very well set up event and definitely will go again next year.

Then couple nights back The Smokin Prophets got to play the new Talking Heads in Southampton. I will admit I was a little sceptical about it as I was a big fan of the old place however, they have done a really good job of picking a venue similar to old one and filling it with all the right stuff to make it feel like its still the Talking Heads. The show was great, much needed after my recent questioning of life. Nothing will ever top the buzz of people enjoying your music and singing it back to you.

Whilst we are talking about questioning life I have made some pretty major decisions in my head. They won’t seem big on the outside but its a big deal to get my head around and will impact my life a lot in years to come. Basically I have a constant struggle, like everyone does, of time management between the band, home life, my job ect ect. Up until now the band was the main thing and everything else including work had to fit around it. Work has always been something I can drop at any moment and is there just to pay the bills. So I am in the process of putting a lot more time and effort into my job as there is a blindingly obvious opportunity to get somewhere and something out of it. I have also started an online business course just to see how it goes and whether this is something I really want to stick at.

This doesn’t mean the band will stop doing as much or be pushed as much however the other guys are gonna have to take up some of the reins a bit and I think we might sit on this album a little longer than I personally first intended. It looks as if we will have an opportunity to record another album but I don’t want to rush it. I would rather we wait until we have a ton of great songs. There is some great people behind the scene now helping to pull some strings and I hope in due course it all goes ahead and we world about it!!

The bottom line is I WILL NEVER STOP MUSIC but there are other areas of my life which I am good at and there are opportunities do well so I have decided to explore them for the time being. I also hope if I put my job in the driving seat it will make music fun again and more of a hobby than a chore which it started to feel like from time to time. When music is something I love and have no pressure with is when I write the best riffs and the best lyrics anyway.