Opportunities Opportunities

Good Morning folks,

Another very early morning, but that gives me some spare time! What has happened since last time? Well we have played a show or two, can’t remember what date the last blog was off the top of my head. Oh well…

We played at the new Talking Heads, the old one was one of our favourite venues so it was good to make our first appearance at the new one and it wont be our last as we have been booked as support to someone cool later in the year. They really have done a great job of keeping the vibe and feel of the old Talking Heads.

Over the weekend we took a trip to Rochester to play Woodies Youth Club. Yes we were a little sceptical about playing somewhere aimed a kids in a building with no alcohol but, it went really well. Great turnout and just the kind of audience we have been wanting to crack. I have a little suspicion we will be back there before long.

Then this Saturday we have Southampton Tattoo festival to look forward to. We are on the Straw Stage at around 3:30. We have been quite excited about this one. It has music, cars, video games, tattoos, pretty much everything in one place!!

Other than the band stuff I have started a Business and Accountancy course. Its a bit of a trial to see if I can do these online courses by myself at home. It is also a course mainly aimed at starting your own business, so you get to know about all the different aspects. This along with my progression and training at work all things are going pretty well. If I can do this course I am going to start paying out the big bucks to do some procurement ones to help my job.

I have really got my teeth into my job now, just waiting for things to start happening. I have a long term plan, I have decided where I wanna be in 2 years time, 5 years time and so on. So far it seems to be working but I am only a week in. Feels much better having a long term plan, finally stopped fretting about all the what ifs and as if by magic all the creativity has come back and I want to start writing music again. Even though I have chosen I thing over another, in the long run they will help each other out. I now have different careers, I am pushing the business thing more now as the band is set up and just needs to keep ticking over till someone notices us.

Oh yer! I have also been contacted about doing a blog for another website. I don’t know whether it will be this just posted to the other site for their fanbase too or whether I might keep this as a weekly/ fortnightly thing and do something shorter 2-3 times a week. I don’t know right now but I am looking into it so watch this space.

Needless to say the more I take on the more I am going to have to manage my time better. Its probably good news the football is almost over for now as that’s a huge distraction. I have been taking on more at work and out of work and I don’t want to burn myself out which I am usually so good at doing. We don’t want another melt down now do we.

Been thinking of talking about work more on here but I originally wanted this to be about the band. I suppose its sort of about me and how us unsigned artists have to juggle many things at once. Well anyway, at work I was promoted to Purchaser a few months back now, hence the sudden push for a career. Its something I have never thought of, I have fallen into giving it a go and its going well. Its not the sort of buzz you get from being on stage but I get a kick out of getting a good deal or sourcing a new product. I also initiated this think local thing as I realised we were potentially loosing money from local customers, I am now a part of the little team assigned to pushing the business in the local area which is cool. I am still part of Operations so all the warehouse and goods in/ goods out I do from time to time. The biggest thing I am doing at the moment is when opportunities come along I am throwing myself into them instead of over thinking it until the opportunity has gone.

I tell you what though, once you crack one business/ area of work you can relate it to all the others. For instance with music I have learnt all the different jobs and the structure, how everyone effects everyone else. You learn that its not just the main thing, the product, the band its everything that everyone contributes before and after that helps get that product to its best and then push it further. So with my job I sometimes put people and their jobs in the music business structure. So our products are like the bands music and merch, then you get the bosses which is like the label or the suits you need to convince but also take into consideration what they want as they are fronting the money. I could go on and on but its fun to do but helps you understand the way a different business works.

Right that will do for now, ill post again soon with any updates with band, job or anything else that’s cool and comes along.